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Do Your Patients Know What Technology You Have?

As a dental practitioner, you already know that investing in new tech is one of the best ways to enhance your practice and improve patient care. Whether it’s a brand-new milling unit or a cutting-edge dental cone beam CT, a new appliance in the office can cut down on visit times while helping you meet a fuller range of dental needs. 

Too often, though, potential patients have little to no awareness of your new tech and the benefits it brings to your practice. When they visit the office, they’ll appreciate same-day crowns or precise, quick implant placement. But busy patients likely won’t go out of their way to seek out information about your tech options on your website. 

Luckily, the all-digital age offers a direct solution: a press release. The modern press release is a low-cost, online affair that offers a huge return on investment. And it’s especially important for dental practices who have already invested a significant amount in state-of-the art tech. It’s key not to let that spend go to waste by sharing, promoting, and explaining the range of benefits that result from new tech. 

Press releases about new technology will have a farther reach and a stronger impact than a site post. That’s because press releases can show up separately in Google searches, boosting your practice’s search ranking and extending your online presence. A quality, search-engine optimized press release will help to ensure that when potential customers search for nearby dental services, your practice will show up at the top of their Google results list. 

Too often potential patients have little to no awareness of your new technology and the benefits it brings to your practice.

Press releases also help to establish practice credibility. Today’s digital consumers are smarter and savvier than ever before. They know to seek out additional sources of information beyond a company website. A stand-alone press release offers additional evidence that your practice is constantly improving and seeking new ways to help patients, in part by searching for and purchasing the best, most useful tech. This kind of back-up information is key to showing customers that your practice is not only legitimate but also active–and better than competitors. 

Expert press release providers will distribute their articles to established, authoritative news wires (think the Associated Press and Yahoo News). That kind of far-ranging digital news reach is essential to boosting awareness and engagement in the modern media landscape. 

Added on to these long term effects is the short-term social benefit you can get when you post press releases to your practice’s Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn platforms. When you share a quality press release on social sites, the effect of your tech investment extends far beyond a page on your website. You can quickly generate engagement, awareness, and attention through an eye-catching and engaging press release–one that will have users exploring the rest of your site and remembering the name of your practice. 

The bottom line? A press release is a credible and impactful way to show current patients–and potential future ones–that your practice is putting in the time, research, and capital to holistically care for their dental health. And your investment in better technology won’t go unnoticed! is here to help you write, publish and promote your dental press releases. We work with dental practitioner clients specifically, so our experienced writers are able to quickly and accurately cover the best of your technological investments. Contact us today to learn more about leveraging your new tech purchases for an optimal online effect.

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